• ALTR Cuts Lab-Grown Diamonds Thanks to Demand from Millennials
    Jul 16,2019
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  • Created Diamonds Sparks Interest of Eco-Conscious Milennials
    Mar 14,2018
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  • How ‘Seeds’ and Super-Hot Gas Could Take Down the $80 Billion Diamond Industry
    Jul 21,2017
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  • Liz Claman with ALTR Created Diamonds founder and CEO Amish Shah on the The Claman Countdown recorded live on Fox Business
    Dec 03,2020
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  • #TradeTalks: Sustainability & Innovation in Diamonds as Americans are set to Spend $5.8B on #ValentinesDay
    Feb 14,2020
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  • Saying ‘I Do’ To Lab-Grown Diamonds
    Mar 14,2019
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  • Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis – Amish Shah of ALTR Created Diamonds introduces Marcus to the booming business behind lab-grown diamonds.
    Apr 12,2020
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  • Amish Shah: The Pioneer Behind Lab-Grown Diamonds
    Aug 01,2019
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  • Lab-Grown Diamonds: They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular
    Oct 16,2018
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  • Uncovering The Flawless Diamond: Inside The Gem Trade
    Jun 11,2021
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  • The dazzling potential of lab-grown diamonds
    Feb 02,2021
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  •  Market Disruption : The advent of lab-grown diamonds
    Dec 11,2019
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  • Lab Luxury – The Jewellers Podcast
    Oct 31,2022
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  • Why The Future Of Diamonds Is Lab-Grown: A Discussion with ALTR Created Diamonds’ Amish Shah
    Dec 24,2019
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  • Lab Grown Diamonds Shake Up The Diamond Industry
    Mar 28,2019
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  • ALTR at JCK Las Vegas 2018
    May 28,2018
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  • ALTR Brought a 4-Carat Man-Made Pink Diamond to Borsheims
    May 07,2018
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  • ALTR on WOWT NBC Omaha 4 Unveiling Worlds Largest Pink Created Diamond at Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts
    May 05,2018
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Press Releases
  • ALTR Created Diamonds Wins First Place For Laboratory-Created/Gemstone Jewelry Category Of 2020 Instore Design Awards
    Jul 31,2020
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  • ALTR Created Diamonds Launches Groundbreaking ALTR X Collection
    May 30,2019
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  • ALTR Created Diamonds Unveil Groundbreaking Diamond Growing Film At JCK Las Vegas 2018
    May 31,2018
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