ALTR offers our business partners three distinct partnership opportunities, each
with its own benefits and advantages. Whether you choose to be a Foundational
Partner, a Select Retail Partner, or an Integrated Brand Partner, you’ll find that
at ALTR we take the meaning of partnership seriously. Our commitment is not
only to our mutual success but to the growth of the industry as a whole. Our
vision is one of shared opportunities in an interdependent world, where a deep
love of diamonds bonds us all.

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As producers, we believe we have a responsibility to support the midstream by
providing the world’s highest-quality lab-grown diamonds. For our Foundational
Partners, this means we are able to offer superior stones at a superior value,
enabling you to take advantage of exceptional market opportunities in the
created diamond industry. We work closely with distributors and wholesalers
around the world in 35 countries with service hubs in the US, Hong Kong, India,
the Middle East and Australia. Because every ALTR diamond is a Type IIa,
created from the same genetic material as the legendary Golconda Diamonds,
we supply only the purest gems in the world. While ALTR is on the cutting
edge of technology, we take pride in supporting our Foundational Partners with
quality, value and old-world service.

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As a vertically integrated company, ALTR grows, cuts, polishes, and
manufactures in a dedicated diamond production facility, creating savings
and economies of scale that remain unrivaled in the world of created
diamonds. For our Select Retail Partners, this means ALTR can provide
not only loose diamonds but also fine diamond jewelry, created with gems
grown by ALTR. In these exclusive partnerships, we provide not only
quality control and assurance but also flexibility: ALTR can manufacture
your designs, or we are also able to curate and design collections
exclusively for retail partners under a co-branding arrangement.


For retailers who seek the highest level of authenticity and
transparency, ALTR provides our Integrated Brand Partners with an
atelier brand that leads consumer desire in the diamond jewelry world.
Delivering fine, hand-finished jewels, featuring exquisite world-class
design by the House of Altr, we offer guaranteed grading
and a complete suite of marketing tools.

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