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We Already Know What Engagement Ring Trends Are Going To Be Hot With 2023 Brides-To-Be

Brides in 2023 are continuing to stray from cookie-cutter style engagement rings and standard white diamonds, favoring designs with more character and personality. While some classic styles, such as minimalist solitaire sparklers, will always be popular choices with brides, modern ring designs are trending toward the unconventional. This year's brides are all about asymmetry, dazzling stones arranged in unique shapes, and multiple stone settings that are symbolic of the couple. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly stones are also on trend, from lab-grown diamonds and gorgeous antique cut stones to sentimental heirloom pieces finding new life in modern settings. If you plan to get engaged this year, the following guide highlights the engagement ring trends that will be hot with 2023 brides.  

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