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Rapaport Webinar: What’s Next for Lab-Grown?

The lab-grown market has gained greater mainstream acceptance in the past few years as more companies across the diamond supply chain have entered the segment. This episode will tackle the latest developments in the lab-grown space, assessing where the opportunity lies, what challenges these present for the natural diamond industry, and how the market might develop as supply increases. It will also focus on the role technology is playing to drive growth in the lab-grown market. Moderator: Avi Krawitz, Senior Analyst and News Editor, Rapaport Panelists: • Avi Levy, President for North America at International Gemological Institute (IGI) • Amish Shah, President, Altr Created Diamonds • Marty Hurwitz, CEO and Founder, The MVEYE • Nick Smart, Commercial Director, Lightbox Jewelry

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