Dedicated growing facility

We grow our own diamonds from the finest diamond seeds. Spread over 4.5 acres, our facility houses the latest infrastructure to ensure a consistent supply of Type IIA diamonds.

Dedicated design facility

We have a devoted design facility where our award-winning design team sits. Our fine jewelry pieces are made entirely with created diamonds that are hand set by our master craftsmen.

Dedicated diamond-cutting facility

We have a dedicated created diamond-cutting facility where all our diamonds are exquisitely cut for maximum brilliance by our master cutters. Along with over 48 exclusive patented cuts, we have the most evolved versions of the traditional fancy cuts including hearts and arrows, rounds, squares, oval, marquise, princess, emerald, pear, radiant and cushion

Global reach

We have distribution abilities in more than 35 countries. A robust team of over 100 client-servicing associates spread across our NYC HQ, Hong Kong and Mumbai offices ensure smooth production, logistics and distribution for clients all over the world.

Earth conscious

We strive at every step to leave a low carbon footprint.

A brief history


ALTR, headquartered in New York, is our latest venture, the capstone of our 85 year family heritage of quality and innovation. We have a strong reputation for crafting diamonds and building desire into them. We have a dozen plus patents and award winning jewelry.

Through constant evolution and innovation, ALTR fuses traditional diamond-industry wisdom with the touch-points of modern desire: technology, impact, aesthetic value and above all, a relatable, modern way to look at a diamond. A passion for diamonds igniting a relentless quest for the most brilliant cut has resulted in our ultimate achievement, ALTR X.


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